The Look for the Good Project is coming to our school!

Learn more about this two-week, school-wide Gratitude Campaign here:

Each morning for the two-week campaign, students will be writing/drawing their gratitude on sticky notes to create a beautiful “Gratitude Wall” of notes which will be displayed in the school. If you would like to add your own gratitude to the wall, there will be extra sticky notes in the main office. 


You will also find orange “Gratitude Spots” in hallways throughout the school to remind students and staff to think about what they are thankful for. If you step on one, think about what you are thankful for and share it with your child.


Finally, you may find your child carrying an orange “Kindness Card” which says “You Matter” on it. Encourage them to tell you why they received the card and who they might give it to next. If your child has not received a card yet, encourage them to make their own Kindness Cards to give out at school. The more cards we circulate, the more we will remind students and staff to share their appreciation and kindness with each other!


Please visit for more information. 

Make a habit of telling your child one thing that makes you grateful each day. Ask them what they're grateful for too. Practice looking for the good in each other. Once the campaign starts, you might even want to establish a Gratitude Spot in your kitchen, or build a Gratitude Wall in your child's bedroom. Whatever you do, don't forget to have fun and enjoy the challenge of "looking for the good" together as a family!

The Look for the Good Project is a Connecticut-based nonprofit organization which creates school programs around the core belief that gratitude changes mindsets, reduces violence, and improves everything. In less than three years, the organization has empowered 120,000 children in 30 states to write two million messages of gratitude to uplift their communities. To donate or to sponsor a school near you, please click here or email  

Register Your Child for our FREE Kindness Fundraiser

In addition to experiencing the Gratitude Campaign at school, your child can participate in a national Kindness Fundraiser. This unique campaign gives kids the opportunity to raise money for the Look for the Good Project while giving back to their communities through acts of kindness. Once your child registers, they get:

• A personal donation link & webpage
• An "Acts of Kindness" tracker
• Donation requests sent to friends & family
• Encouragement from their friends to do some good!


Meet Lucy, age 8

Lucy Mitchell was only in kindergarten when she learned about the Look for the Good Project. She is now pledging acts of kindness to raise money for the organization (including starting a recycling program at her school). She has already raised enough money to sponsor a Look for the Good Program for an entire school ($500!)!


Need your OWN "look for the good" experience?

Turn on the sound and watch this calming 5 minute video.


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